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Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations

Higher Efficiency Requirements for Chillers
Bulletin on Amending the Standards
May 2010

Revised Regulations

The Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is proposing to amend Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations (the Regulations) under which dealers in Canada would be required to comply with higher efficiency requirements for water chillers.

The purpose of this document is to provide stakeholders with background information for meaningful consultation on the content of the new regulation before proceeding with pre-publication in the Canada Gazette. This bulletin attempts to address key issues that may be raised. It is not intended to provide a definitive representation of the proposed regulation.


Chillers were first regulated for minimum efficiency in 2004 in Canada.

The proposed efficiency requirements in this bulletin have been incorporated into CSA 743-09 and are the same as those in Addendum M of ASHRAE 90.1-2007. This change calls for more stringent minimum efficiency requirements for every chiller size and type as compared to the current NRCan regulation levels and the minimum efficiency levels are sub-divided into different categories. Positive displacement (rotary screw and scroll), and centrifugal chillers now include an additional capacity range. There will be a new category for centrifugal chillers larger than 600 tons. Water-cooled reciprocating units will be required to meet the minimum efficiency requirements of the water-cooled rotary screw and scroll units. Air-cooled chillers without condensers, must now be matched and rated with a condenser and meet the same efficiency requirements as the air-cooled chillers.

ASHRAE 90.1-2007 was changed to allow two paths for compliance for all units, except for air-cooled chillers. Path A has a more stringent full-load efficiency than path B, and Path B has a more stringent IPLV efficiency than Path A. To comply with ASHRAE 90.1-2007 and the proposed amended Regulation, either Path A or Path B can be followed, but both COP and IPLV requirements for the selected path must be met. The dual path approach gives the designer the option of complying with either full-load efficiency or part-load efficiency as the priority depending on the situation.

Product description

For the purposes of the Regulations, chillers include air and water-cooled and absorption chillers as listed in the table below.

Minimum Performance levels as in Table 10, CSA C743-09

Product Type Size Category Compliance Path
Path A Path B
Full Load kW/kW IPLV kW/kW Full Load kW/kW IPLV kW/kW
Air cooled with condenser <528 kW 2.802 3.664 N/A N/A
≥ 528 kW 2.802 3.737 N/A N/A
Air cooled without condenser All Capacities Air cooled chillers without condensers must be rated with matching condensers and comply with the air-cooled chiller efficiency requirements.
Water cooled, reciprocating All Capacities Reciprocating units must comply with water cooled positive displacement efficiency requirements.
Water cooled, positive displacement <264 kW 4.509 5.582 4.396 5.861
≥264 and <528 kW 4.538 5.718 4.452 6.001
≥528 and <1055 kW 5.172 6.063 4.898 6.513
≥1055 kW 5.672 6.513 5.504 7.177
Water cooled, centrifugal <528 kW 5.547 5.901 5.504 7.815
≥528 and <1055 kW
≥1055 and <2110 kW 6.100 6.401 5.856 8.792
≥2110 kW 6.17 6.525 5.961 8.792
Air Cooled Absorption Single Effect All Capacities 0.600 N/A N/A N/A
Water Cooled Absorption Single Effect All Capacities 0.700 N/A N/A N/A
Absorption Double Effect Indirect-Fired All Capacities 1.000 1.050 N/A N/A
Absorption Double Effect Direct-Fired All Capacities 1.000 1.000 N/A N/A

Energy performance test procedure

The test methods used to determine efficiency is:

CSA C743-09: Performance Standard for Rating Packaged Water Chillers

The standard is available from:

Canadian Standards Association
5060 Spectrum Way, Suite 100
Mississauga ON L4W 5N6
Tel.: 1-800-463-6727
In Toronto, call 416-747-4000
Web site:

Effective dates

This amended regulation will come into effect on January 1, 2011.

Verification requirements

As required for all regulated equipment, chillers must have efficiency verification labels that indicate a third party has verified the energy efficiency ratings and capacity ratings.

Labelling requirements

The nameplate label must contain:

  • the model number for complete matched assembly that corresponds exactly with the model number that is reported to NRCan
  • the date of manufacture
  • refrigerant used for rating and maintenance
  • energy efficiency verification mark

Requirements for reporting to NRCan

  • Model number that refers to the whole assembly and corresponds exactly with the model number on the nameplate
  • Date of manufacturer
  • Type of chiller condenser
  • Output capacity
  • Report from the certification body containing the computer output with all input data and output performance ratings of all performance variables
  • Non standard rating conditions (centrifugal)
  • Name and version of simulation program
  • Compressor type, brand, and model number
  • Signed verification report
  • Refrigerant

Importing reports

A dealer who imports these products into Canada must include the following information on the Customs release document:

  • Type of chiller
  • Model number
  • Brand name
  • Name and address of the dealer importing the product
  • Purpose for which the product is being imported (i.e. for sale or lease in Canada without modification; for sale or lease in Canada after modification to comply with energy efficiency standards; or for use as a component in a product being exported from Canada)


The proposed changes are harmonized with ASHRAE 2007 Addendum M.

Comments Sought

Any comments, questions, and correspondence should be forwarded to:

Brian Killins
Senior Standards Engineer
Office of Energy Efficiency
Natural Resources Canada
580 Booth Street, 18th Floor
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1A 0E4
Tel.: (613)947-8764