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Energy Efficiency Trends in Canada, 1990 to 2009

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Appendix C: List of Abbreviations

$2002 constant 2002 dollars

CFL compact fluorescent lamp, also known as compact fluorescent light bulb

CIEEDAC Canadian Industrial End-Use Energy Data and Analysis Centre

DVD digital video disc or digital versatile disc

GDP gross domestic product

GHG greenhouse gas

GJ gigajoule = 1 × 109 joules

GO gross output

km kilometre

kW kilowatt

kWh kilowatt hour = 1 × 103 Wh

L litre

LPG liquefied petroleum gases

square metre

cubic metre

MJ megajoule = 1 × 106 joules

Mt of CO2e megatonne of carbon dioxide equivalent = 1 × 106 tonnes

NAICS North American Industry Classification System

NGL natural gas liquids

NRCan Natural Resources Canada

OEE Office of Energy Efficiency

PJ petajoule = 1 × 1015 joules

Pkm passenger-kilometre

RESD Report on Energy Supply and Demand in Canada

TJ terajoule = 1 × 1012 joules

Tkm tonne-kilometre

VCR videocassette recorder

W watt

Wh watt-hour

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