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CIPEC Annual Report 2010

CIPEC Task Force Council Members

CIPEC Task Force Council Chair

Susan Olynyk
Senior Specialist, Climate Change
Environmental Department
ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Aluminum Sector Task Force

Pierre Chaput
Director, Sustainable Development, Health & Safety
The Aluminum Association of Canada

Brewers Sector Task Force

Ed Gregory
Manager, Research and Analysis
Brewers Association of Canada

Cement Sector Task Force

Martin Vroegh
Environment Manager
St Marys Cement Inc.
John Cuddihy
Director of Policy
Cement Association of Canada

Chemical Sector Task Force

Fiona Cook
Director, Business and Economics
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Construction Sector Task Force

Bill Ferreira
Director, Government Relations & Public Affairs
Canadian Construction Association

Electrical and Electronics Sector Task Force

Wayne Edwards
Vice-President, EEMAC Council
Electro-Federation Canada

Electricity Generation Sector Task Force

Channa S. Perera
Manager, Sustainable Electricity Program
Canadian Electricity Association

Fertilizer Sector Task Force

David M. Finlayson
Science and Risk Management
Canadian Fertilizer Institute

Food and Beverage Sector Task Force

Doug Dittburner
Managing Chief Engineer
Cadbury Adams Canada Inc.

Forestry Sector Task Force

Yves Provencher
Business Development
FP Innovations – Feric Division

Foundry Sector Task Force

Judith Arbour
Executive Director
Canadian Foundry Association

General Manufacturing Sector Task Force – Atlantic

John Woods
Vice-President – Energy Development
Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company Limited

General Manufacturing Sector Task Force – Central

Albert Fiacco
Director of Technical Operations
UGL Unicco

General Manufacturing Sector Task Force – New Brunswick

Mike Bujold
Corporate Energy Manager
J. D. Irving, Limited

Lime Sector Task Force

Christopher Martin
Regional Environmental Manager
Carmeuse Lime Canada Limited (Beachville Operation)

Mining Sector Task Force

Paul Stothart
Vice President, Economic Affairs
The Mining Association of Canada

Oil Sands Sector Task Force

Alisa M. Caswell
Energy Conservation Leader
Syncrude Canada Limited

Petroleum Refining Sector Task Force

Gilles Morel
Director, Eastern Canada and National
Canadian Petroleum Products Institute

Pipeline Sector Task Force

Bill Tubbs
Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Specialist
Spectra Energy

Plastics Sector Task Force

Graham Knowles
Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Pulp and Paper Sector Task Force

Paul Lansbergen
Director, Taxation and Business Issues
Forest Products Association of Canada

Rubber Sector Task Force

Ralph Warner
Director of Operations
Rubber Association of Canada

Steel Sector Task Force

Andy Mahut
Manager, Energy Practices
U.S. Steel Canada Inc.

Textiles Sector Task Force

Bruce Cochran
Director of Manufacturing
Lincoln Fabrics Ltd.

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Sector Task Force

Zenon Petriw
Manager, Recycling and Energy
Magna International Inc.

Upstream Oil and Gas Sector Task Force

Krista Phillips
Policy Analyst, Environment, Health and Safety
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Wood Products Sector Task Force

Paul Lansbergen
Director, Taxation and Business Issues
Forest Products Association of Canada