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Federal Buildings Initiative: Audit Standards Guidelines

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1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. FBI Program Requirements
3.1 Preliminary Energy Audit
3.2 Detailed Energy Audit

4. Levels of Energy Audits
4.1 Energy Audit Flowchart
4.2 Yardstick Audit
4.3 Screening Audit
4.4 Walkthrough Audit
4.5 Engineering Audit
4.6 Summary Chart

5. Draft Terms of Reference
5.1 Yardstick Audit
5.2 Screening Audit
5.3 Walkthrough Audit
5.4 Engineering Audit

6. References

Appendices (Worksheets, Forms and Graphs)
Appendix A: Yardstick Audit
Appendix B: Screening Audit
Appendix C: Walkthrough Audit