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Lighting Reference Guide – Emerging Technologies

14 Emerging Technologies

Reduced Size Sources

  • An area of continuing research and development is reducing the size of efficient light sources. Very small, T4.5 39 W ceramic metal halide lamps are presently available, and smaller lamps are being developed.

White Light LEDs

  • The LED segment of the market is growing and is believed to be the technology of the future for lighting; efficient, long–life white light LEDs in convenient packages, such as a medium screw base lamp module, could replace traditional incandescent lamps.

Lighting Controls

  • While outside the scope of this publication, significant research is being carried out in the area of lighting controls, to allow better and more consistent dimming of sources such as low wattage metal halide, compact fluorescent and LED lamps.

Intelligent Ballasts

  • The universal adoption of electronic fluorescent ballasts has lead to the development of intelligent ballasts incorporating dimming with addressability of individual ballasts. The DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol allows users and building operators to combine luminaires into control zones in software, thereby eliminating costly rewiring whenever a tenant changes a partition location. In combination with photocells and occupancy sensors, the lighting system becomes a proactive element in the building to optimize the control of illuminance levels.

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