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Find out the energy efficiency of different product models using our searchable list. The more energy efficient the product, the more energy and money you can save.

  • Select a product on the list and choose between two links.
  • Click on “models available in Canada” to see all products covered by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations.
    • Check off the criteria you want on the search template. You can choose model criteria, e.g. brand and model number; energy efficiency criteria, e.g., a range of energy consumption; or product-specific details.
    • Or you can choose to see all models.
  • Click on “ENERGY STAR” to see only models that qualify for the high-efficiency symbol.
    • Note: Canada is an international partner in the U.S. ENERGY STAR program. Most of our “ENERGY STAR” links take you to the U.S. product list, which indicates if a model is available in Canada.

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