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Drain-water heat recovery (Select a New Product)

Drain water heat recovery units found in this database, except for a few units, have been tested by a third party accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under CSA B55.1 Test Method for Measuring Efficiency and Pressure Loss of Drain Water Heat Recovery Units. The Standard specifies requirements for measuring the heat recovery efficiency and pressure loss for vertically installed, falling-film drain water heat recovery units.

The efficiency of a drain water heat recovery unit is measured by a value called the Heat Recovery Efficiency, which is expressed as a ratio between the actual heat transfer and the theoretical maximum possible heat transfer. After selecting the size required, choose high heat recovery efficiency models, as these are the most efficient.

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Model TD350B
Brand EcoInnovation Technologies Inc.
Heat Recovery Efficiency 47
Energy Credits for Showerhead Max. Flow at 9.5 L/min (kWh) 1709
Energy Credits for Showerhead Max. Flow at 7.6 L/min (kWh) 1470
CSA B55.1 Verified yes
Nominal Diameter (mm) 75
Nominal Diameter (in) 3
Length (mm) 1270
Length (in) 50
Heat Recovery Rate (kW) 8.4
Heat Recovery Rate (BTU/hr) 28661.976
Pressure Loss (kPa) 13.3
Pressure Loss (psi) 1.9
Mass (kg) 13.4
Mass (lbs) 29.48
Discontinued Date