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Energy performance contracting

There are innovative and creative ways to finance large energy efficiency projects without paying cash up front. Commonly referred to as energy performance contracting (EPC), energy services contracting or guaranteed energy savings, they all mean the same thing – once an energy efficiency project is completed, the resulting savings pay for it over time. Although the concept is simple, such a contract normally involves a lot of detail, which means that it can take some time to put in place.

Following are publications from Natural Resources Canada about energy performance contracting. These free publications are available electronically, and several may be ordered online.

Innovative Financing: An Introduction
This publication is an introduction to alternative financing concepts for companies in the industrial sector that wish to carry out large energy efficiency projects without paying cash up front. There are many ways to do this, but if financing the cost of energy saving projects is an issue, innovative financing techniques can play an important role.
PDF (219k) | HTML

Income Tax Issues Related to Energy Performance Contracting – An understanding of Tax Rules Could Help With Your Energy Efficiency Initiatives
This document deals with tax issues that could affect businesses that enter into an EPC. It reviews the implications for EPCs on federal and provincial income tax, taxes on capital and sales taxes.
Cat. No. M27-01-1891 | PDF (968k) | HTML | Order

DuPont Canada Turns to Energy Performance Contracting: Innovative Financing Case Study
Innovative Financing Case Study
PDF (283k) | HTML | Order (Cat. No. M27-01-1653E)

Energy Performance Financing Drives Project at Ford Canada
Innovative Financing Case Study
PDF (279k) | HTML | Order (Cat. No. M27-01-1656E)

Publications on general financing

Financing Options for Energy Management Services
This guide provides decision makers for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities with practical advice on how to finance energy efficiency improvement projects.
PDF (1.48 MB) | HTML | Order (Cat. No. M27-01-547E)

The Federal Buildings Initiative: An Executive Overview
This overview gives executives the information necessary to understand the Federal Buildings Initiative - its environmental benefits, financial advantages and certain key aspects of its implementation. Energy performance contracting provides another source of funds for carrying out energy efficiency projects.
PDF (1.61 MB) | HTML | Order (Cat. No. M92-201/2000E)

Barriers to Financing Energy Savings Projects
This study identifies barriers to the financing of energy efficiency projects and proposes solutions for Natural Resources Canada to overcome these barriers.
PDF (469k) | HTML | Order (Cat. No. M92-92/1995E)

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