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Alternating current (AC) induction motors are the most commonly used motor type in Canadian industry, accounting for about 80 percent of the annual integral horsepower (i.e., of 1 hp or more) sales to the industrial and commercial sectors. Ranging in size from 1 to 200 horsepower (hp), these motors account for between 10 and 20 percent of thetotal electricity consumed in Canada every year. Even a small efficiency improvement can provide substantial electricity savings nationally. Your company can benefit as well.

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This motor group is covered by Canada's Energy Efficiency Act and Energy Efficiency Regulations. These require that all motors sold in Canada meet minimum energy performance levels specified by the Canadian Standards Association in CAN/CSA-C390-98, Energy Efficiency Test Methods for Three-Phase Induction Motors.

Benefits of premium efficiency motors

Many manufacturers now offer motors that are more efficient than the regulated minimum efficiency models. The U.S. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has developed a new set of efficiency levels to specify these premium motors. Motors with the NEMA Premium™ designation optimize the efficiency of motor systems, reduce electrical power consumption and costs, and improve reliability. Table A illustrates the difference in efficiency between regulated minimum efficiency motors and NEMA Premium™ motors.

Table A

Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations Minimum Nominal Efficiency Versus NEMA Premium™ Efficiency for Selected Motors
(1800 revolutions per minute [rpm])

Energy Efficiency Regulations
Minimum Nominal Efficiency
NEMA Premium™ Efficiency
1 82.5% 85.5%
10 89.5% 91.7%
25 91.7% 93.6%
50 93.0% 94.5%
100 94.1% 95.4%
200 95.0% 95.8%

NEMA Premium™ motors are built with superior materials such as high-quality silicone steel laminates and are manufactured with optimized designs. The result is more work output for the same amount of energy consumed. Thanks to their improved design, NEMA Premium™ motors usually also have higher service factors, longer-lasting insulation and bearings, lower waste heat output and less vibration than standard motors. The most efficient models are so reliable that manufacturers typically provide longer warranties for them.

NEMA Premium™ motors can replace motors on most original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) products for almost all applications, including pumps, fans, blowers, air compressors, cooling and refrigeration equipment, hydraulic packages and material-handling equipment. Although NEMA Premium™ motors are well suited to virtually any common induction motor application, they are particularly well suited to applications that have a long duty cycle (over 6000 hours per year) or where reliability is critical.

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