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High-Efficiency Unitary
Air-Conditioning Units
(19 to 73 kW):

How Much Will I Save?

High-efficiency air-conditioning units typically cost more than standard-efficiency models. In most cases, the price premium is 20 to 30 percent.

Table 2 below illustrates typical payback and energy costs-savings associated with buying a high-efficiency 40-kW air-conditioning unit for use in Toronto.

Table 2
Comparing Lifetime Costs for a 40-kW (135 000 Btu/h)
Unitary Air Conditioner for Use in Toronto

  Baseline Air Conditioner ENERGY STAR Air Conditioner
Incremental cost - $1,500
EER 8.9 11.0
Annual cost of electricity* $1,114 $901
Simple Payback - 7 years
Lifetime Energy Costs** $8,473 $6,855
Present Value of Savings - $118

*Assumes an average electricity cost of $0.08/kWh plus a demand charge of $7/kW/month and 710 full-load cooling hours per year in Toronto.

**Present value assumes a useful life of 15 years and a discount rate of 10 percent.

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