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ENERGY STAR qualified products include:

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial kitchens are found in many facilities in addition to restaurants, including bars, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, and institutional cafeterias. Due to the existence of technologies that offer significant energy and/or water savings, advocacy groups and regulators alike have identified several commercial kitchen appliances that lend themselves to energy or water use standards. While there are currently no federal or provincial regulations on energy efficiency in commercial dishwashers, pre-rinse spray valves, or commercial cooking equipment in Canada, ENERGY STAR® prescribes voluntary energy efficiency standards for commercial fryers, commercial hot food holding cabinets, and commercial steam cookers. Information on how to save energy using commercial cooking equipment.

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Commercial Clothes Washers

Commercial clothes washers are built on a residential clothes washer frame with certain modifications to improve their durability. These coin/or card operated, soft-mount front-loading and top loading clothes washers with a tub not greater than 99.3L (3.5 4 ft3) for front-loading washers or not greater than 113 L (4 ft3) for top-loading washers, are designated for use in applications where the occupants of more than one household will be using it, such as a multi-family housing common areas and coin-laundries, hotels, or in other commercial applications.

List of models: Commercial Clothes Washers

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Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers, considered to be one of the largest energy consumers in the commercial kitchen, are a very complex appliance that can vary widely in size and shape. Classes of commercial dishwashers include under counter, stationary rack door type, rack conveyor machines and very large flight type (continuous conveyor) machines. Each of these product classes may employ single or multiple wash tanks, and use hot water (high-temp machines) or chemicals (low-temp machines) to achieve final rinse dish sanitization.

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Commercial Ice Machines (Ice Makers)

An estimated 80 000 ice makers are in commercial use in Canada. The annual energy consumption is estimated at 3.3 million gigajoules – equivalent to the annual energy use of approximately 40 000 households. The estimation was based on an average ice production of 160 kg/day and an energy consumption of 706 kilojoules per kilogram of ice produced.

Automatic ice makers are a regulated product that has minimum performance requirements for cubers and flakers under Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations. As well, an ENERGY STAR specification became effective on January 1, 2008. The energy efficiency levels for ENERGY STAR qualification are about 10 percent more stringent than NRCan's proposed new levels.

More information on ice machines
List of models: Ice machines

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Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines

Note: ENERGY STAR in Canada performance levels only applicable to rebuilt units

As of January 2008, ENERGY STAR in Canada has discontinued the specification for new beverage vending machines because regulated minimum energy performance standards now match the ENERGY STAR performance levels. However the ENERGY STAR specification for rebuilt units will be maintained.

List of models: Commercial Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines

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Commercial Solid Door Refrigerators and Freezers

As of April 1, 2007, the list of ENERGY STAR qualified models in Canada will be drawn from third party verified models that figure on energy efficiency reports submitted to NRCan as required by the Regulations.

A Canadian list of models will follow based on ENERGY STAR reporting to Natural Resources Canada.

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