Number of households by size of household
Three members Four or more members Not stated
Households with a water cooler
Yes 243,821 A 402,290 A U
No 1,638,599 A 2,396,947 A 617,717 M
Not stated U U
Don't know 169,563 M 237,153 M 141,567 M
Number of water coolers
One 242,708 A 386,619 A U
Two or more U U U
Don't know U U
Not stated 169,563 M 237,153 M 141,567 M
Age of the most frequently used water cooler
5 years or less 134,086 M 227,883 A U
6 to 10 years 74,513 M 124,436 M U
11 years or more U U U
Don't know U U
Not stated 185,840 M 245,541 M 148,024 M
Households with an ENERGY STAR® qualified water cooler (most frequently used water cooler)
Yes 71,340 M 92,783 M U
No 100,404 M 141,602 M U
Don't know 67,835 M 151,854 M U
Not stated 193,990 M 281,100 M 150,154 M


Due to rounding, the numbers may not add up and may differ slightly among tables.


The letter beside each estimate classifies its quality as follows: A–Acceptable, M–Use with caution, U–Too unreliable to be published.


2011 Survey of Household Energy Use