Table 1.4 – Building energy use by primary activity of the building
Primary activity Electricity Natural gas Distillates** Propane Other fuel***
(PJ) Q.I. (PJ) Q.I. (PJ) Q.I. (PJ) Q.I. (PJ) Q.I.
Office building (non-medical) 101.1 A 63.4 A 2.3 B F F
Medical office building 5.4 A 4.7 B 0.1 B F 0.2 C
Elementary or secondary school 24.1 A 34.7 A 4.8 B F X X
Nursing or residential care facility 14.9 B 19.8 B 0.9 A 0.1 C F
Warehouse 24.9 A 29.4 A 0.5 C F X X
Hotel or motel 11.0 C F F F F
Hospital 12.6 A 18.2 A 3.7 C F 1.9 B
Food or beverage store 45.2 A 35.7 A 0.8 C 1.0 C X X
Non-food retail store 31.7 A 29.6 B F F F
Other* 121.4 A 120.5 A F F 21.5 B
Canada 392.3 A 369.1 A 35.1 B F 37.2 B


* Other includes all other commercial buildings. See Appendix C for more details.
** Distillates include light fuel oil, diesel and kerosene.
*** Other fuel includes all other fuels not listed.


Due to rounding, numbers may not add up to the total shown, and some numbers may differ from one table to the next.


Quality indicators (Q.I.) classify each estimate according to its quality as follows: A–Excellent, B–Good, C–Acceptable, D–Use with caution, F–Too unreliable to be published and X–suppressed due to confidentiality.
Denotes undisclosed value for confidentiality reasons.