Table 1.1 – Building characteristics and energy use by climate zone
Climate zone Buildings Floor space Energy use Energy intensity
(number) Q.I. (millions of m2) Q.I. (PJ) Q.I. (GJ/m2) Q.I.
Atlantic 47 911 A 69.8 A 71.6 A 1.03 A
Great Lakes 233 880 A 417.3 A 437.2 A 1.05 A
Pacific Coast 38 092 A 64.6 A 64.0 B 0.99 A
Other* 162 383 A 214.2 A 269.4 A 1.26 A
Canada 482 266 A 765.9 A 842.2 A 1.10 A


* Other includes all other Canadian climate zones not listed.


Due to rounding, numbers may not add up to the total shown, and some numbers may differ from one table to the next.


Quality indicators (Q.I.) classify each estimate according to its quality as follows: A–Excellent, B–Good, C–Acceptable, D–Use with caution, F–Too unreliable to be published and X–suppressed due to confidentiality.