Table 48 Average annual UEC of major household appliances, 1990–2014 (kWh/yr)
Appliance 2014
Total refrigerators 411
Non-ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators 434
ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators 403
Type 3 refrigerators (top-mounted freezer) 390
Type 5 refrigerators (bottom-mounted freezer) 441
Type 11 refrigerators (compact) 269
Total freezers 356
Total dishwashers 271
Non-ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers 298
ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers 269
Electric ranges**
Total electric ranges 546
Non-self-cleaning electric ranges 523
Self-cleaning electric ranges 555
Clothes washers
Total clothes washers 205
Non-ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers 399
ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers 138
Non-ENERGY STAR qualified front-loading clothes washers 133
ENERGY STAR qualified front-loading clothes washers 119
Non-ENERGY STAR qualified top-loading clothes washers 409
ENERGY STAR qualified top-loading clothes washers 170
Electric clothes dryers
Total electric clothes dryers 924


*Non-ENERGY STAR qualified units accounted for less than 1 percent of shipments of front-loading washers in 2008 and 2009. Therefore, the average annual UEC is based on a very small number of shipments.
**Note: Part of the improvement in average annual UEC for dishwashers and electric ranges over the period is due to a change in how UEC is measured (the assumption about frequency of use was revised downward to more accurately reflect household usage patterns) and does not represent an actual improvement in energy efficiency.


.. Stands for not applicable