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Efficiency PEI

  1. Building Envelope Upgrade Rebate

    Efficiency PEI offers rebates for the installation of insulation, ENERGY STAR® windows & doors and air sealing improvements. Insulation rebates are based on how much and where insulation is installed.
  2. Commercial Energy Audit Program

    This Program provides financial incentives of up to $1,000 towards an evaluation to determine the potential for energy efficiency upgrades in a commercial building.

  3. Equipment Upgrade Rebate

    Efficiency PEI offers rebates for the installation of ENERGY STAR® certified heating equipment, water saving devices, biomass heating devices and other energy saving products.
  4. Home Energy Audit Program

    Efficiency PEI will subsidize the cost of an EnerGuide home evaluation by $150. In the event that homeowners choose to proceed with efficiency upgrades after the audit, efficiency PEI will further subsidize those costs by enhancing the corresponding re...
  5. Home Energy Low-Income Program (HELP)

    Low income clients who have applied for the PEI Energy Efficiency Loan or Grant Programs are eligible to have a HELP tradesperson complete comprehensive air-sealing (caulking and weather stripping on windows and doors) free of charge. Other free featur...
  6. New Home Construction Program

    This Program helps residents make their new home more energy efficient.
    • A certified Energy Advisor will review the building plans before construction begins.
    • Customized recommendations are provided to improve the energy efficiency of design.
    • Two t...

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

  1. Affordable Housing Program

    This Program provides affordable housing providers with up to $100,000 in available incentives. It helps offset the costs of retrofits and provides ongoing energy efficiency savings that reduce the payback time. Enbridge will guide participants through...
  2. Boiler Programs

    This Program offers rebates to customers who rent or purchase and install non-atmospheric hydronic boilers, which must be used for space heating and/or hot water heating and must have 85 percent to 88 percent thermal efficiencies. Financial incentives ...
  3. Commercial Retrofit Program

    This Program offers commercial businesses one-time incentives of $0.10 per m3 of natural gas saved, up to $100,000, on the implementation of any number of energy-saving measures. Eligible measures include higher efficiency boilers, higher efficiency co...
  4. Comprehensive Energy Management Program

    Through this Program, participants will gain a better understanding of key energy drivers so they can shape their energy goals and set the right strategy. The focus and financial support are on five main components:
    • Senior management sponsorship
    • Cr...