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Union Gas Limited

  1. Condensing Unit Heater

    This Program offers financial incentives to facilities towards the purchase of a condensing unit heater, rated by its thermal efficiency, which is a measure of the operating efficiency of the unit. To be considered condensing, a unit heater must have ...
  2. Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

    This Program offers financial incentives on the purchase of a Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation system which respond to variations in stove use, allowing the two-speed or variable fans to regulate exhaust depending on how many burners are working. Cus...
  3. ENERGY STAR® Dishwashers

    This Program offers financial incentives on the purchase of ENERGY STAR® dishwashers for restaurants and commercial kitchens, including under counter, stationary rack and rack conveyor units. Customer incentives include:
    • Commercial Foodservice
      • Unde...
  4. Engineering Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study

    This Program helps fund studies to identify and quantify potential energy saving measures on natural gas consuming equipment, gas-related heating systems or facilities. Studies analyze an existing building or process to determine the changes that will ...
  5. High Efficiency Condensing Furnace

    This incentive is for the installation of high efficiency condensing furnace with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 95% or higher in commercial buildings. High efficiency gas furnaces achieve savings through the utilization of a sealed, s...
  6. Home Reno Rebate

    This Program provides homeowners with a rebate of up to $5,000 towards energy-efficient home renovations, including the installation of ENERGY STAR® certified products and the cost of an energy assessment before and after qualifying improvements are un...
  7. Home Weatherization Program

    This Program is a free energy-efficiency upgrade program offered to eligible customers living in homes with low levels of insulation. Union Gas provides the energy assessment, labour, and all materials at no cost to eligible customers.
  8. Large Volume Direct Access Program

    This Program provides every Rate T2 and Rate 100 Union Gas customer with a dedicated incentive budget to spend on energy savings projects. It encourages customers to focus on continuous energy management as an integral part of their company's operation...
  9. Meters

    Union Gas will help fund measures and equipment that reduce a business' natural gas consumption. Such measures include the installation of a natural gas, steam or hot-water meter to measure or monitor energy usage. Incentives include:
    • Industrial Cust...
  10. New & Retrofitted Equipment and Process Optimization

    Union Gas will help fund measures and equipment that will reduce a business' natural gas consumption and improve its energy efficiency. Typical projects can include boilers, high efficiency process equipment, building and process controls, and building...