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Greening Greater Toronto, Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance

  1. Race to Reduce - The Smart Energy Office Challenge

    Race to Reduce is a unique Greening Greater Toronto program that represents collaboration between office building landlords and tenants to encourage smart energy use. It encourages behavioral and positive team-building amongst landlords, tenants and th...

Hydro One

  1. First Nations Conservation Program

    This Program offers a number of First Nations communities energy-efficient upgrades for products designed to add comfort and increase efficiency at zero cost. Residents in eligible communities receive a free home energy assessment and no-charge install...


  1. Buildings Program

    This Program offers financial assistance to implement energy efficiency measures while carrying out projects in commercial or institutional buildings.The catered component offers assistance tailored to a business owner's project, in order to improve th...
  2. Efficient Farming Products Program

    This Program offers rebates on the purchase and installation of lighting products and more efficient farm equipment. The Program has five components, including lighting, heat pads, piglet warmers, fans and plate heat exchangers.
  3. Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program for Low-Income Households

    The objective of this program is to lower the energy bills of community housing complexes through implementation of general energy-saving measures. Rebates are offered on measures such as installation of ENERGY STAR certified windows and patio doors, i...
  4. Home Diagnostic

    This tool provides homeowners with a free personalized report containing energy-savings measures, an estimate (in dollars and in kilowatthours) of the savings they can expect if they change their habits or equipment, and a breakdown of their energy ...
  5. Industrial Systems Program

    This Program offers a wide range of measures and financial incentives to make industrial facilities, processes and electromechanical systems more energy-efficient. It includes the following components: electricity consumption analysis; continuous measu...
  6. Technology and Business Demonstration

    Hydro-Québec offers support to test the technical and commercial viability of innovative energy-saving or power-demand optimization measures. It will pay 50 percent of the total cost of an approved project, up to $300,000.

Independent Electricity System Operator

  1. Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP) Program

    The ACEP Program is a proposal-based program where an Aboriginal community or organization may submit a proposal for funding to develop or update an existing Aboriginal community energy plan to improve energy efficiency, reduce electricity consumption ...
  2. Education and Capacity Building Program

    This Program funds projects that help build the understanding and skills needed for managing and generating energy. This includes activities such as awareness campaigns, material and course development, and education workshops. These projects help equi...