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FortisBC - Natural Gas - For Business & Industry

  1. Energy Specialist Program

    FortisBC is funding energy specialist positions to work with large commercial natural gas customers in developing and executing projects that result in natural gas savings. The energy specialist will ensure that facilities and operational staff are awa...
  2. Industrial Optimization Program

    This Program provides owners or long-term lease holders of an industrial facility with the following:
    • insight into how energy is used at the facility
    • recommendations of no-cost and low-cost measures that can be quickly implemented to realize energy ...
  3. Non-Profit Housing Provider Rebates

    This Program supports the non-profit housing sector, including co-operative housing and First Nations housing, by helping customers improve their building's energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and make their residents more comfortable. Both new cons...
  4. Renewable Natural Gas - Green Leader Rewards Program

    This Program enables commercial renewable natural gas customers to obtain market exposure by offering promotions and discounts to FortisBC residential customers. By signing up, a commercial business will become a Green Leader and enjoy these benefits:
  5. Rental Apartment Efficiency Program

    This Program can make a few simple changes to a building and help the owner decrease its energy consumption and improve tenant comfort. Eligible rental apartment building owners, or property managers acting on behalf of owners, are eligible for the fol...

FortisBC - Natural Gas - For Homes

  1. ENERGY STAR® Water Heater Program

    This Program offers homeowners a rebate of up to $1,000 when replacing their aging water heater with a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR model.
  2. Empower Me

    Empower Me is an energy conservation program, funded primarily by FortisBC, specifically for South Asian and Chinese families who are not familiar with the equipment common in North American homes: furnaces, hot water tanks, and thermostats. Through t...
  3. EnerChoice® Fireplace Program

    This Program offers a rebate of $300 towards the purchase of a high-efficiency EnerChoice natural gas fireplace. Eligible fireplaces must be direct-vented, temperature modulating and not have a standing pilot.
  4. Energy Conservation Assistance Program

    This Program, in partnership with BC Hydro Power Smart, provides qualified, low-income natural gas residential customers with a free home energy evaluation, free installation of energy saving products and personalized advice to help them save energy an...
  5. Energy Saving Kits

    BC Hydro and FortisBC have partnered to provide free energy saving kits for low income households. Each free energy saving kit may contain the following energy-saving products:
    • a low-flow showerhead
    • faucet aerators
    • weatherstripping
    • window film...