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FortisBC - Electricity - For Building Professionals & Trades

  1. Multi-Unit Residential Building - New Construction Program

    This incentive program supports the construction of high-efficiency, multi-unit residential and mixed-use buildings. Incentives include custom performance and individual energy-saving measures (including the installation of ENERGY STAR certified produc...

FortisBC - Electricity - For Business & Industry

  1. Business Direct Install Program

    Small or medium businesses may qualify for a free, no-obligation energy assessment and instant rebates of up to 50 percent off the cost of eligible high-efficiency lighting, controls, refrigeration upgrades and more. One of FortisBC's local approved co...
  2. Commercial Foodservice Equipment - Electric

    This Program offers commercial businesses rebates for upgrading to high-efficiency electric foodservice equipment. Rebates range from $100 for an ENERGY STAR® half-size convection oven to $1,000 for a pressureless steamer.
  3. Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Equipment Rebates

    This Program offers financial incentives to building owners who upgrade their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Rebates are available on a range of energy-efficient HVAC equipment (including ENERGY STAR certified products):
    • high...
  4. Commercial Lighting Rebates

    This Program offers commercial businesses rebates of up to 50 percent on energy-efficient lighting products (including ENERGY STAR certified products):
    • electronic ballasts
    • T8 fluorescents
    • LED and energy-efficient, high-intensity discharge lighting ...
  5. Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Rebates

    This Program offers commercial businesses rebates on a range of energy-efficient refrigeration equipment, including lighting and covers.
  6. Custom Business Efficiency Program

    This Program offers commercial businesses no-cost walk-through energy assessments and financial incentives when planning a retrofit project, new construction or a combination of both. A technical advisor will help identify and implement cost-effective,...
  7. High-Efficiency Compressor Rebate

    This Program provides a rebate of up to $110 per unit of horsepower on the upgrade to a high-efficiency, variable speed compressor.

FortisBC - Electricity - For Homes

  1. Air Source Heat Pump (Central System) Rebate

    This Program offers homeowners a rebate of $200 per ton when installing a qualifying central air source heat pump, which must:
    • be a minimum of one tonnage
    • have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 15 or higher
    • have a Heating Seasonal Perfor...
  2. Air Source Heat Pump Loan

    This Program provides homeowners financial assistance for the cost of upgrade to an energy-efficient ENERGY STAR certified air source heat pump. The payback period is spread over 10 years.