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Manitoba Hydro

  1. Power Smart Shops

    This Program helps small, independent businesses reduce their energy and water consumption to save money and energy. Small businesses may qualify for:
    • free onsite installations of:
      • low-flow bathroom and kitchen faucet aerator(s);
      • ENERGY STAR® certif...
  2. Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Program

    This Program offers free Power Smart Water and Energy Saver Kits that help residents save water and energy, while reducing their carbon footprint. Each kit contains 1-2 low-flow showerheads; 2 low-flow faucet aerators; 3 metres of water heater pipe wra...
  3. Residential Earth Power Loan - for Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

    This Program assists homeowners with the cost of installing an ENERGY STAR® certified cold climate air source heat pump with a variable capacity compressor, rated to provide heat at temperatures of at least -25°C. The home must be currently heated with...
  4. Residential Earth Power Loan - for Geothermal Heat Pump System Installations

    This Program assists homeowners with the cost of installing a geothermal heat pump, which reduces a home's annual heating energy use by 50 to 70 percent, space cooling costs up to 40 percent and domestic water heating costs up to 25 percent. Financial ...
  5. Residential Earth Power Loan - for Solar Water Heaters

    Homeowners who install an approved solar water heating system may qualify for a Residential Earth Power Loan of up to $7,500 per residence.
  6. Solar Energy Program

    This Program is aimed at customers who would like to displace their own energy needs with solar energy. Incentives are available to all residential, commercial, and industrial customers, under the following conditions:
    • Customers will receive $1 per ...
  7. Water & Energy Saver Program

    This Program offers free water and energy saving devices to owners, property managers, and landlords of multi-unit residential buildings. Devices include kitchen faucet aerators, bathroom faucet aerators and up to 2 showerheads per unit.

Manitoba Hydro - Power Smart for Business

  1. Commercial Earth Power Program - for Geothermal Heat Pump System Installations

    This Program provides financial incentives to commercial customers who install a geothermal heat pump system to replace a conventional electric heating system.
  2. Commercial Network Energy Management Program

    This Program offers commercial customers a rebate to install network management software. The software program shuts down computers when they are inactive and allows network administrators to perform regular maintenance tasks, such as IT upgrades and i...
  3. Power Smart Bioenergy Optimization Program

    This Program helps industrial customers convert their company's waste streams and by-products into fuel that produces useful heat and power. It offers technical and financial support to help approved customers install, operate, and maintain equipment t...