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LiveSmart BC

  1. Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program

    The province of British Columbia has renewed funding for the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Point of Sale Incentive Program. The new program includes point-of-sale incentives for battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, investments in charging inf...

Manitoba Hydro

  1. Commercial PAYS Financing

    Commercial PAYS Financing is an affordable financing option for business owners who want to make energy efficiency upgrades to their buildings. PAYS Financing covers upgrades for heating and ventilation; insulation; lighting; toilets and urinals; and c...
  2. Energy Finance Plan

    The Energy Finance Plan is a convenient, on-bill financing for upgrades to gas and electrical systems and is available to Manitoba Hydro residential, commercial, farm, and seasonal customers. All work must be performed by a qualified electrician or a l...
  3. Heat Recovery Ventilator Control Program

    This Program offers a $150 rebate to homeowners who install an advanced heat recovery ventilator (HRV) control, which has options for automatic recirculation and intermittent on or off modes, and provides better control of humidity, comfort and heating...
  4. Lighting for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

    This Program offers financial incentives to owners, property managers, and landlords of apartment complexes, townhouses, and triplexes/fourplexes, or multi-unit residential buildings to upgrade their incandescent and halogen bulbs to energy efficient L...
  5. Power Smart Affordable Energy Program

    This Program offers financing and free energy-efficient upgrades for qualifying lower income households.
  6. Power Smart Home Insulation Program

    This Program offers rebates for upgrading home insulation to Power Smart levels.
  7. Power Smart Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) Financing Program

    This Program offers extended term financing for energy efficiency upgrades (space heating equipment, insulation, water heating equipment and toilets).
  8. Power Smart Refrigerator Retirement Program

    This Program is designed to remove older, inefficient fridges and freezers from the electricity system. It offers to pick up older refrigerators and freezers from residents and fully decommission them in an environmentally friendly manner. A $50 rebate...
  9. Power Smart Residential Loan

    The Power Smart Residential Loan is a financing option for homeowners wanting to implement energy-efficient measures to their homes. The loan covers upgrades for:
    • windows and doors;
    • residential space heating equipment;
    • insulation;
    • air leakage seali...