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Gaz Métro

  1. Hot Water Boiler Grants

    Gaz Métro offers homeowners grants towards the purchase of their heating systems. Grants include:
    • $1,100 for the purchase and installation of a natural gas boiler, no matter which type of appliance chosen
    • $1,275 toward converting an oil-fired system ...
  2. Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures Grant

    Gaz Métro offers a grant to encourage companies to implement energy efficiency measures to optimize the use of natural gas and reduce energy consumption.
  3. Low-Income Household Supplement

    Gaz Métro offers supplementary financial assistance to low-income households who are owners of a single-family home, duplex or triplex and to owners of multi-tenant buildings with three or less units, one or more occupied by low-income households and w...
  4. New efficient construction grant

    This Program is aimed at encouraging the construction of energy efficient buildings that will reduce their operating expenses and increase their resale value.
  5. Programmable Electronic Thermostat

    This Program offers an incentive of $25 towards the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® eligible programmable electronic thermostat.

  6. Recommissionning Grants

    This Program aims to encourage the process of recommissioning existing mechanical systems in buildings in order to reduce annual energy consumption.
  7. Smart Thermostat Grant

    This Program offers an incentive of up to $200 upon the installation of a smart thermostat; $100 to participate in the program (the grant may not exceed 75% of the cost of the device), and $100 to take part in the Smart Thermostat Pilot Project.
  8. Superior Energy-Efficiency Boiler

    The superior energy-efficiency boiler is designed to improve heat exchange between combustion gases and the water being heated. This unit features fast uniform heat for heating the rooms in your house.

    Gaz Métro offers customers a financial incenti...
  9. Supplement for Low-Income Household

    This program offers supplementary financial assistance to owners of multi-tenant buildings with four or more units, one or more occupied by low-income households. The supplement is determined according to the energy efficiency program in which the owne...
  10. Tankless Water Heater Grant

    This Program offers a grant of $250 towards the purchase of a high-efficiency tankless water heater. This amount helps reduce the difference between the cost of this high-performance appliance and the cost of a standard water heater.