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Gaz Métro

  1. Combo System Grant

    This Program offers a grant of $250 for the purchase and installation of a standard tankless water heater installed in combo mode (water heater is combined with a fan coil unit that heats the air). The Program also offers a grant of $550 to install a c...
  2. Condensing Boiler Grant

    This Program offers financial incentives towards the purchase of energy-efficient natural gas condensing boilers that help improve a building's energy performance. Ideal for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects, condensing boil...
  3. Energy-Efficient Renovations Grant

    This program is aimed at encouraging renovations that will improve the thermal envelope of buildings to make them more energy efficient. It offers financial assistance for energy efficient work on the building envelope, such as: replacing the windows, ...
  4. Feasibility Studies Grant

    This program helps defray part of the cost of a feasibility study covering energy efficiency measures. The study will be carried out by an engineering consulting firm accredited by Gaz Métro.
  5. Grant for a Solar Air Preheating System

    Gaz Métro is offering a grant to encourage the purchase and installation of a solar air preheating system for space heating. By preheating the air supply to a ventilation system, significant savings can be achieved on the consumption of natural gas nee...
  6. Grant for a Unit Heater

    Gaz Métro is offering a grant to encourage the purchase and installation of a new natural gas unit heater, the ideal solution for areas with high ceilings or frequent air exchange and perfect for warehouses, loading docks and other large areas that nee...
  7. Grant for an Infrared Heating System

    Gaz Métro is offering a grant of up to $500 per infrared unit to encourage the installation of high-efficiency appliances. The total value of the grant is based on the selected unit's capacity.
  8. Grant to Encourage Energy Innovation

    Gaz Métro offers a grant to encourage the development of new technologies or innovative use of existing technologies with promising energy efficiency potential.
  9. High-Efficiency Water Heater Grant

    This Program offers grants ranging from $5,750 to $25,000 towards the purchase of a high-efficiency direct contact water heater (which features direct contact between the flame, combustion gases and the water to be heated). It also offers grants rangin...
  10. Hot Water Boiler Grants

    Gaz Métro offers homeowners grants towards the purchase of their heating systems. Grants include:
    • $1,100 for the purchase and installation of a natural gas boiler, no matter which type of appliance chosen
    • $1,275 toward converting an oil-fired system ...