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City Green Solutions

  1. Oil to Heat Pump Program

    This Program is an initiative of the Province of British Columbia to accelerate the adoption of heat pumps as a means of replacing less efficient oil heating systems in order to achieve greenhouse gas reductions, reduce incidents of oil tank leaks, and...
  2. Tap by Tap

    This Program offers free water and energy saving kits to local residents in participating communities. Kits typically include a high-efficiency showerhead, and aerators for the kitchen and bathroom faucets.

City of Nelson

  1. EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program

    EcoSave is an energy retrofits program that offers on-bill financing to residents and businesses. Energy retrofits are upgrades which include upgrading insulation, reducing air leakage, and installing more efficient space and water heating systems. The...

FortisBC - Electricity - For Building Professionals & Trades

  1. Multi-Unit Residential Building - New Construction Program

    This incentive program supports the construction of high-efficiency, multi-unit residential and mixed-use buildings. Incentives include custom performance and individual energy-saving measures (including the installation of ENERGY STAR certified produc...

FortisBC - Electricity - For Business & Industry

  1. Commercial Foodservice Equipment - Electric

    This Program offers commercial businesses rebates for upgrading to high-efficiency electric foodservice equipment. Rebates range from $100 for an ENERGY STAR® half-size convection oven to $1,000 for a pressureless steamer.
  2. Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Equipment Rebates

    This Program offers financial incentives to building owners who upgrade their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Rebates are available on a range of energy-efficient HVAC equipment (including ENERGY STAR certified products):
    • high...
  3. Custom Business Efficiency Program

    This Program offers commercial businesses no-cost walk-through energy assessments and financial incentives when planning a retrofit project, new construction or a combination of both. A technical advisor will help identify and implement cost-effective,...
  4. High-Efficiency Compressor Rebate

    This Program provides a rebate of up to $110 per unit of horsepower on the upgrade to a high-efficiency, variable speed compressor.

FortisBC - Electricity - For Homes

  1. Air Source Heat Pump (Central System) Rebate

    This Program offers homeowners a rebate of $200 per ton when installing a qualifying central air source heat pump, which must:
    • be a minimum of one tonnage
    • have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 15 or higher
    • have a Heating Seasonal Perfor...
  2. Air Source Heat Pump Loan

    This Program provides homeowners financial assistance for the cost of upgrade to an energy-efficient ENERGY STAR certified air source heat pump. The payback period is spread over 10 years.