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Arctic Energy Alliance

  1. Alternative Energy Technologies Program - Business Renewable Energy Fund (BREF)

    The Business Renewable Energy Fund (BREF) is available to assist NWT commercial businesses including off-grid lodges and camps to integrate commercially available, clean energy technologies into their operations. The fund is intended to reduce fuel use...
  2. Alternative Energy Technologies Program - Community Renewable Energy Program (CREP)

    This Program is available to assist community-based installations of alternative energy systems or the conversion of an existing conventional energy system to alternative energy technology. Renewable energy projects may receive funding of up to one-hal...
  3. Alternative Energy Technologies Program - Residential Renewable Energy Fund (RREF)

    The Residential Renewable Energy Fund (RREF) is available to assist NWT residents to integrate commercially available, clean energy technologies on their property, building or other assets for the intent purpose of reducing fuel usage. RREF provides fu...
  4. Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program

    This Program assists businesses in achieving the efficient use of energy and water to help businesses reduce their heat, power and water bills and become more energy efficient while saving money. It is available to support commercial upgrades, which wi...
  5. Community Government Building Energy Retrofit Program

    This Program supports upgrades to Community Government-owned buildings, which will reduce their use of electrical/heat energy and water. The total rebate provided is the lower of $25,000, 50% of the total eligible costs, or five times the annual estima...
  6. Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP)

    This Program helps homeowners and consumers purchase new, more energy efficient models of products that they use every day (i.e. ENERGY STAR® appliances, heating equipment, LED light bulbs). For a full rebate, qualifying products must be purchased thro...