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BC Hydro - Residential Customers

  1. Home Renovation Rebate

    Provided in partnership by BC Hydro Power Smart and FortisBC, this Program offers homeowners a wide variety of incentives to help reduce ongoing energy costs. Rebates are provided for both natural gas and electric energy-efficient upgrades, including i...
  2. Power Smart for Low-Income Households - Energy Conservation Assistance Program

    The Program provides qualified low-income residential account holders with free personalized home energy evaluation, installation of energy saving products by a qualified contractor and personalized energy efficiency advice.
  3. Power Smart for Low-Income Households - Energy Savings Kit Program

    BC Hydro and Fortis BC have partnered to provide free Energy Saving Kits (ESK) for low income households. The kit contains a number of simple, easy-to-install energy saving products including: compact fluorescent light bulbs, weatherstripping, fridge a...

BC Hydro - Builders & Developers

  1. New Construction Program

    This Program offers financial incentives
    • to owners of medium to large buildings to study different energy saving systems
    • to owners of small to large buildings (including multi-unit residential buildings) for energy efficient lighting design
    • to owne...
  2. Power Smart New Home Program

    This Program offers financial incentives to builders, developers and owner-builders to help offset the costs of building to a higher standard of energy efficiency. For example, $2,000 is offered for a single family detached home achieving an EnerGuide ...

BC Hydro - Business Customers - Commercial

  1. Business Energy Saving Incentives

    This Program helps B.C. businesses reduce their operating costs through the implementation of energy-efficiency projects (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, ice-making machines) by offering incentives that can help cover up to 75% of the cost of the project.
  2. Energy Manager Program

    This Program helps organizations by subsidizing the compensation package of an Energy Manager. An Energy Manager identifies energy efficiency solutions, manages the implementation of energy saving projects, and implements organizational changes to adop...
  3. Leaders in Energy Management Program

    Commercial, government or institutional organizations that spend at least $200,000 annually on electricity are eligible for this program. Implementation funding is available to large commercial, government and institutional customers to reduce the capi...
  4. Multi-Unit Residential Pilot Program

    This new pilot Program designed to assist with lowering energy and maintenance costs within apartment buildings through:
    • free access to an Energy Advisor who can help identify energy savings opportunities, provide walkthrough assessments of a building...
  5. Project Implementation Funding

    Implementation Funding is available to large commercial, government and institutional customers to reduce the capital cost of implementing electrical energy efficiency projects. Implementation Funding is designed to allow customers to meet internal hur...