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ATCO Electric

  1. Teaching Power School Program

    ATCO Electric's Teaching Power program teaches young Albertans about electricity, electrical safety and energy efficiency. Activities have been developed in consultation with Alberta teachers and directly align with provincial curriculum outcomes. The ...

ATCO Energy Sense

  1. ATCO Energy Education Mobile

    The Energy Education Mobile is a 40 foot classroom on wheels that travels throughout Alberta bringing this free, one-of-a-kind learning experience directly to Alberta schools and communities. The Energy Education Mobile is designed for Grade 4 students...

Arctic Energy Alliance

  1. Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program

    This Program assists businesses in achieving the efficient use of energy and water to help businesses reduce their heat, power and water bills and become more energy efficient while saving money. It is available to support commercial upgrades, which wi...
  2. Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP)

    This Program helps homeowners and consumers purchase new, more energy efficient models of products that they use every day (i.e. ENERGY STAR® appliances, heating equipment, LED light bulbs). For a full rebate, qualifying products must be purchased thro...

BC Hydro - Residential Customers

  1. Home Electronics Program

    This Program recycles old and unwanted electronics at one of the Return-It Electronics locations throughout the province free of charge. See website with list of locations. Return-It Electronics accepts and recycles unwanted TVs, computers, monitors, ...
  2. Home Renovation Rebate

    Provided in partnership by BC Hydro Power Smart and FortisBC, this Program offers homeowners a wide variety of incentives to help reduce ongoing energy costs. Rebates are provided for both natural gas and electric energy-efficient upgrades, including i...
  3. Lighting Program

    This Program provides information on discounts on ENERGY STAR® light fixtures and CFLs. BC Hydro is also involved with LightRecycle which is a B.C. program keeping burnt-out fluorescent lights out of the landfill and ensure safe recycling. British Colu...
  4. Power Smart for Low-Income Households - Energy Conservation Assistance Program

    The Program provides qualified low-income residential account holders with free personalized home energy evaluation, installation of energy saving products (e.g. ENERGY STAR® certified high-efficiency gas furnace) by a qualified contractor and personal...
  5. Power Smart for Low-Income Households - Energy Savings Kit Program

    BC Hydro and Fortis BC have partnered to provide free Energy Saving Kits (ESK) for low income households. The kit contains a number of simple, easy-to-install energy saving products including: compact fluorescent light bulbs, weatherstripping, fridge a...

BC Hydro - Builders & Developers

  1. New Construction Program

    This Program offers financial incentives
    • to owners of medium to large buildings to study different energy saving systems
    • to owners of small to large buildings (including multi-unit residential buildings) for energy efficient lighting design
    • to owne...