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Objectives and Description:

This Program helps medium and large sized businesses implement electrical energy-saving projects by offering technical assistance, financial incentives and financing to offset the cost of engineering studies, energy efficiency equipment and installation. Incentive amounts are determined on a project-by-project basis and vary depending on the size of the project, energy-saving effectiveness of the measure, equipment involved and the financial need of the company. The maximum incentive available for each project is:
  • 50% of the cost of a preliminary energy audit/scoping study to a maximum of $1,000
  • 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $500,000
  • on-bill financing for up to 2 years
Feasibility studies are eligible for incentives and are included in the total maximum eligible project amount. Efficiency Nova Scotia will contribute up to 100% of the cost to a maximum of $15,000, in which Efficiency Nova Scotia pays 50% of the incentive amount for feasibility and scoping studies upon receiving the study, and the remaining half of the incentive amount is paid when the project begins.

Type of Program:

  • Advice
  • Awareness/Information
  • Financial Incentive
  • Retrofit


  • Commercial/Institutional
  • Industrial
Date of Update: 20-11-2019

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