Chapter 1 - Total End-Use Sector

The Data Situation

The aggregate energy use data presented in this handbook are based on Statistics Canada’s Report on Energy Supply and Demand in Canada (Cat. No. 57-003-X), Canada’s official report on the energy supply and demand balance in Canada. Greenhouse gas emissions data are estimated using emissions factors developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The Office of Energy Efficiency has developed energy models and/or databases for each sector of the economy presented in this report (i.e. residential, commercial/institutional, industrial, transportation and electricity generation) to assess trends in energy use in the Canadian economy. The data situation for each specific sector is outlined at the beginning of the corresponding chapter of this handbook.

Crude oil and natural gas commodity prices (wholesale prices) are provided by the Canadian Oil, Refining and Energy Security Division, Petroleum Resources Branch of Natural Resources Canada. The crude oil wellhead price is provided by the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Due to rounding, the numbers in the tables may not add up or calculate to their reported totals or growth rates.