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Overview of the Federal Vehicles Initiative

The Federal Vehicles Initiative (FVI) ran from October 1995 to March 2007. The purpose of the program was to assist Government of Canada departments in improving the management and operation of their fleets. It fell under the Federal House in Order and focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the federal fleet. The FVI was about good fleet management and environmental stewardship.

The mandate of the FVI was to help Government of Canada departments:

  • Show federal leadership in addressing climate change to other sectors of the economy and to the Canadian public
  • cut costs by increasing operational efficiency in the federal fleet
  • minimize negative environmental impact from the operation of their vehicles, and
  • meet the requirements for a phased-in acquisition of alternative fuel vehicles specified in the Alternative Fuels Act

The FVI was managed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and steered by an interdepartmental committee that included NRCan, Treasury Board Secretariat, Environment Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada. This committee met periodically to discuss fleet management and operational issues and activities. The Treasury Board Secretariat, through its Motor Vehicle Policy, outlined new objectives and requirements of efficiency and environmental performance facing the federal fleet, and the FVI assisted departments in meeting these requirements.

The FVI provided tools and information to federal fleet managers to help them respond to the issues of climate change and sustainable development. It pursued its objectives through a range of actions, including:

  • improving vehicle management and information tracking
  • improving vehicle selection, right sizing of vehicles and energy efficiency ratings
  • improving vehicle operation, including efficient driving techniques
  • analysis of life-cycle costing and optimal vehicle disposal timing
  • increasing the use of alternative fuel vehicles and advanced vehicle technologies
  • increasing the availability and use of alternative fuels for federal fleet vehicles
  • improving the federal vehicle evaluation and procurement system

These actions provided federal fleet managers with a wide range of support for improving fleet efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles.

The Government of Canada is committed to integrating environmental considerations and sound management practices into the operations of its vehicles. The FVI provided federal fleet managers with the tools and information to achieve these goals.