Tools and software for New Buildings

The following free software tools from Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) can help you validate the design of your new building. Please note that training and workshops are available for some of these tools.

Screening Tool for New Building Design

This screening tool allows you to quickly estimate the energy performance of a proposed building design relative to the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB) and the rules established by NRCan. By conducting this preliminary screening, you can assess the impact of a single measure or a combination of measures to maximize the energy performance of your design.

EE4 Version 1.7

EE4 is the verification software tool that evaluates whether the expected energy performance of the building is at least 25 percent better than the MNECB requirement. Please note that the latest version of the Modelling Guide for EE4 Version 1.7 is also available.

EE Wizard for Arenas

EE Wizard for Arenas is an Internet-based tool used to demonstrate compliance for arenas. Designers use this tool to evaluate whether the design is 25 percent better than the MNECB requirement.


If you are utilizing renewable energy in your building, you can also use RETScreen International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software. This optional tool evaluates energy production, life-cycle costs and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for various renewable energy technologies (RETs). This free software also includes product, cost and weather data, as well as a detailed online user manual.


SWIFT is a program that models the behavior of a solar wall. Using weather data inputted from a specified file, or using built in files containing average weather data, SWIFT predicts the amount of heat gathered from solar energy, the resulting air temperature inside the building and the energy savings.

Gigajoule and Energy Intensity Calculator

Use the Gigajoule and Energy Intensity Calculator to convert from kilowatt hours and other measurements. If you enter the size of your building, its energy intensity will also be calculated.

Other Tools

You can also access other tools and calculators for commercial and institutional organizations and equipment.