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Energy Efficiency in New Buildings

New buildings can be designed to substantially reduce overall energy consumption. A performance of 25 percent better than the minimum requirements of the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB) is a common target in the marketplace, and can be achieved cost-effectively in most building types. Over 1,000 building design models validated by Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) 2007-2011 averaged a design efficiency that was even higher – 35 percent better than the MNECB.

Canada's new National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2011 establishes an overall 25% improvement in energy efficiency over MNECB 97.

Technology is only part of the answer. Following an Integrated Design Process (IDP), in which design professionals work closely together from day one, has been shown to reduce final costs by reducing revisions and optimizing the value of energy saving opportunities.

The OEE, as part of ecoENERGY for Buildings and Houses, promotes stakeholder networks, provides information for owners and professionals, feedback on energy simulation, and tracks baseline data for new commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings. These activities include:

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