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Automatic Ice-makers
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How much will you save?

The amount of energy and money you save by purchasing a new, energy-efficient automatic icemaker depends on several factors, including the efficiency and capacity of your existing machine, consumption and the local cost of electricity. The following example compares an existing icemaker with a high efficiency icemaker. The ENERGY STAR qualified icemaker would cost about $350 more than an icemaker that complies with the proposed NRCan regulation.

The following table lists the energy savings and economics of purchasing the more energy-efficient unit. It does not, however, account for the cost of water or for potential air conditioning savings.

Purchasing a more efficient icemaker

  Energy use

706 kJ/kg
(8.89 kWh/100 lb.)
High efficiency

450 kJ/kg
(5.66 kWh/100 lb.)
Annual energy use (kWh) 12 850 8180
Annual energy cost (@ $0.07/kWh) 900 573
Annual energy savings ($) 327
Incremental cost ($) 350
Simple payback period (years) 1.07
Discounted payback period* (years) 1.13
* Discount rate: 6 percent; Energy escalation rate: 1 percent per year