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EnerGuide Room Air Conditioner Directory 2011

How to Read the EnerGuide Label

Once you've determined the size of the room air conditioner you need and considered the merits of various features, it's time to learn more about the EnerGuide label.

Over the years, the EnerGuide label has become a valuable comparison-shopping tool for consumers and a great marketing tool for manufacturers and retailers. The label indicates that a product meets or surpasses Canada's minimum standards for energy efficiency. The simple-to-read label makes it easy to identify the more energy-efficient products on the market.

What the EnerGuide Label Tells You

By law, an EnerGuide label must be attached to every new room air conditioner sold in Canada. The label lists the energy efficiency ratio (EER – See “A Few Basic Terms”) that the product achieved during a standardized, government-approved test (CAN/CSA-C368.1).

Remember, the higher the EER, the greater the energy efficiency and the more money you'll save in operating costs.

EnerGuide Label

Always check and compare EnerGuide ratings when you shop for a new room air conditioner. The label will tell you at a glance whether a particular model is energy efficient relative to others of the same capacity and type. Remember, the higher the EER number and the further to the right the arrow, the better.

If you've shopped for household appliances with EnerGuide labels before, you may notice a dramatic difference in how their energy efficiency is rated. That's because EnerGuide labels on appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators list energy consumption, not energy efficiency. As a result, when comparing these appliances, the lower the number on the EnerGuide label, the better. With room air conditioners, the opposite is true: the higher the number, the more energy efficient the unit.

For more information about EnerGuide and ENERGY STAR®, visit NRCan's EnerGuide Web site at or for publications, call 1-800-387-2000 (toll-free).

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