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EnerGuide Room Air Conditioner Directory 2011

The EnerGuide Ratings for 2011

Window-mounted units.

The EER listings in this directory are divided by type and voltage.

  • Window-mounted units are installed in a double-hung window opening.
  • Casement models are used in crank-out windows; casement-slider models can also be used for windows mounted into sliding or horizontal tracks.
  • Casement model.Through-the-wall mounted units are installed in exterior wall openings, typically in multi-storey apartment buildings.
Through-the-wall mounted units.

Within each type, units are further divided by electrical voltage: 120 volts (uses a regular three-prong plug) and 240 volts (requires a dedicated circuit and special plug).

This directory also indicates models that operate as mini heat pumps (with reverse cycles). In these models, the refrigerant flow can be reversed to provide heat.

The listing for each room air conditioner includes the following:

  • brand name;
  • model number;
  • amperage (you may need to consult an electrician or a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning specialist to ensure proper wiring and avoid overloading a circuit);
  • cooling capacity;
  • energy efficiency ratio (EER); and
  • ENERGY STAR® status.

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